Women Dominate Social Media – Why Should You Care?

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The InfoGraphic below outlines how women dominate all social media platforms except Linked In and are also much more active on mobile and tablet.  Does this align with your community building efforts?


  • 76% Women
  • 66% Men

Linked In:

  • 24% Men
  • 17% Women

Access social media on smart phones:

  • 46% Women
  • 43% Men

Access social media on tablets:

  • 32% Women
  • 20% Men

Also women are 10% active is showing support and being an influencer.  On average 37 minutes daily are spend on social media by both men and women.

Why should you care?

If you are actively building your professional community, have any responsibility in marketing, sales or growing your personal business results, you need to be keenly aware of the methods and style that you are communicating and in turn building your customer community.

Questions to ponder when thinking about your customer community building:

  • What method of communication am I using (social media, events, emedia, etc) and does it fit the behavior of my target audience?
  • What time frame and I sending my communication? (day of the week and time) This is critical to know when you customers read their communication.  (more on this in another blog post)
  • Does your message resonate and most important, I feel – are you treating your community with respect and generosity?  And does your method of communication support that?

Questions to ponder as you take action in building your professional/customer community.

So much more detail on social media in the infographic below:

social media sites

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