Why is building your community foundation so important?

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Calling all you nosey and social butterfly types.  You will flourish during stage one – building your customer community foundation.  This is when you get to know your customer. Or get to know them better, learn about their business, the challenges they currently face and learn what their future looks like.  Fascinating and fun, I say.

First off, this is a privilege that your customer will communicate these important and sometimes delicate subjects.   It shows you already have rapport.   This stage will set the groundwork for stage four where the context is give, build respect and trust.

I did say fun in the title .Yes, fun.  Any time you have the privilege to learn more about a person, company, or community, that you serve, I say that is fun.  This is the why again.  Why do you do what you do in business – to serve your customer.   Information will allow you to do your job better and that is just downright fun!

So, calling all you nosey, social butterflies or individuals that want to serve their customer better.   I personally invite you to take on stage one with the content of privilege and fun!



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