What is your NAB strategy?  — Part 1

What is your NAB strategy? — Part 1

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(Your Precious 28 Minutes)

Over 93,602 total registered and 61,351 buyers attended NAB 2013.

Thousands and in many cases millions of dollars spent to exhibit and sponsor.  Not to mention the hundreds of hours in the pre-planning and hours on site for your staff.

NAB takes over the town…it is certainly, the Mecca gathering for broadcast and media content with their tag line “Where Content Comes to Life.”  So true and well worth all the effort – right?

We all drag ourselves home with pockets full of business cards, badge scanner reports, and sore feet with high hopes that we will drive our sales and revenue number do to your efforts.

The concept of “if we build it they will come” is just not true in the big trade show world and certainly not for a show as large as NAB.  Especially when you are competing with 1,580 other exhibiting companies (2013 published figure).

It is too late to discuss pre-audience development strategies for your booth, as NAB is out of the gate. I was shocked and amazed (my humble opinion) at this year’s amount of senseless PR releases, lack of creativity or true engagement that I received inviting me to visit booths. Mind you, I am attending with a press pass so this is the best of the best when it come to engaging me to attend a press event, book an appointment, or attend an in-booth cocktail party. More later on this topic of audience engagement.

Follow my thinking for a moment as it might open your mind and impact your  results.

Doing the basic math…if an attendee has three days at the show (I suspect the attendee average) and from 9am to 6pm per day (an hour off for lunch) that is a total of 24 hours or 1,440 minutes on the trade show floor and they are planning on visiting 30 exhibits.  Let’s add in 20 minutes travel time per appointment (600 minutes total).  And we all know that 20 minutes is aggressive to get from north upper to south lower. This means that if you are lucky enough to be one of the 30 exhibits that they want to visit you get 28 minutes with your valued customer.

With all this being said, I am left with the thought that the current exhibiting strategy needs to be updated to ensure maximum ROI on those millions of dollars and countless staff hours.

I assert that this precious 28 minutes needs to be all about building the relationship, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges your customer faces, and what solutions (broad stroke) you might assist with. Essentially this is the “Foundational Stage” (step one) in our report, Five Stages to Building Your Customer Community.

For the customers you already know and have solid relationships with you can quickly move into some of the deeper questions to engage, learn, and lightly demo/show your exciting new products.

Questions to ask & ponder for your existing clients:

  • Why do they purchase from my company? Its not just your fantastic personality, there is another reason, and this will be key to know to close sales after NAB.
  • Where do they see their business in one, two, and five years and how do you gain insight into their future vision?  This will give you product insight and the ability to be a resource to guild their future purchases.
  • How can you serve them better?  What do you and your company need to provide more, less, or better to them?  Does there need to be education that accompanies the products, better follow up etc…?

Here is a very important tip – be sure you add all of your notes into your CRM system.  This is precious information. Might sound ridiculous, but I am always surprised at how disorganized and even how many companies, some very large, that do not have a mechanism for capturing this information company wide.

Use your 28 minutes wisely.  Build your relationships, understand your client’s challenges and set the stage for the post NAB relationship.

I will outline the post NAB steps to the “close” in my next blog post – part 2.

Happy NABing!

To learn more about Createaphere’s Five Steps to Building Your Customer Community – download our free report.  Or shoot me an email  kristin@createasphere.com and we can discuss Createasphere’s community development services.



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