What Are The Attributes When Hiring Top Talent

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This post reflects my personal thoughts about high performing, top talent.  Also my collective experiences with wins and losses when hiring and firing.

With that being said, I have always either been a staff member or CEO/Founder at a small company. The largest company had no more than 50 employees.  So my perspective reflects a small business attitude and a small business level of expected performance.

I read this article on entrepreneur.com  which spurred my thinking that one major competent is missing and might even replace one of their three.  They note that the three most important attributes are with the following  descriptions:

  • Attitude – An employee has a passion for the organization and what it is trying to accomplish and is excited about being a part of the organization.
  • Competency – An employee has the right skills and capabilities to do his or her job, or has the ability to learn the right skills.
  • Mindset – An employee understands the value of collaborating with peers and comes to work every day looking for ways to improve the performance of the company and increasing the impact he or she can have.

I believe that attitude and competency are key.  Sometimes competency is not as important when hiring for more junior role.

I think that mindset is negotiable.  I would replace it with ownership.  Let me explain.

I have found in both my business and personal life that individuals which take ownership for their life, this includes everything – health, business results, finances, relationships – everything  – are the most self-empowered.  It also means that they believe that they have “cause in the matter” and do not hold a “victim mentality.”

I believe that a “victim mentality” is one of the largest mental “states” that ails us today.   I say this as I am writing a book on women entrepreneurs and I am business coaching with a federal and state university run woman entrepeneur’s center.

I give a few hours a week working one-on-one with women that are wanting to launch a business.  It has become obvious that the women that have ownership of their life and do not possess a victim mentality succeed.  The others seem to stay stuck.  There is more to this but I see ownership as a key component to success.

I have also seen a direct correlation with the staff that I work with and have worked with.  Clearly the ones that had a strong level of ownership and little “victim mentality” had a much higher level of success with their business results and in their life in general.

It is not always easy shedding the victim role and sometimes life just gets hard.  But is truly a much more powerful place to stand in life.   And my belief is that our life is our creation.

So back to the top attributes when hiring top talent.  I say that ownership needs to replace mindset.  My definition would be:

Ownership – An employee that understands that they cause their results and as a whole cause the results of the business. They look for solutions when they face challenges, take responsibility for what actions and communications need to take place to impact their results and contributions to the business.

Here is to eradicating “victim mentality”–what a much more powerful world we would live in.


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