Why does Google’s $3.2 billion purchase of Nest impact your customer community?

Why does Google’s $3.2 billion purchase of Nest impact your customer community?

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Many of you might have read the news about the 3.2 Billion purchase of Nest to Google

After reading this news,  couldn’t help but think how this merger impacts everyone and also, where Google will take Nest.     I feel the integration of Nest into the company will truly influence how consumers expect to interact with their needs and wants.  Kind of like an automated mind reader.  You wonder – why should I be concerned other than thinking about how I could use Nest in my own home  I say – his will be a cultural shift that will impact you and your business – like it or not.

With this cultural shift I would like to focus on Createasphere’s area of expertise – building professional communities.

The following are ways I see these cultural shifts opening up new opportunities for you   to interact and touch your customer, future customer, and fans versus  keeping you up at night:

  1. I want it the way I want it when I want it.
    We’ve been seeing this  transition in the way that consumers are now consuming entertainment, and now we’ll soon see it  in our home and work environments and how we manage our daily lives.
  2. The brand and the way in which the brand is delivered is now intimately moving into  all areas of my life
    We all know the importance of brand loyalty, but with Nest and Google now merged  there will be  so many ways to personally love or hate this brand.  Essentially, delivering high quality experiences to the customer out of the gate will be more important than ever.  Additionally, it will also be important to find new ways to respect and create a spirit of generosity with them.

Questions to ask yourself: :

  • Does our organization have a system where  our customers can interact with our products and/or services, learn about and purchase through  a variety of ways – online, mobile apps, through a good old fashion phone, and if we have dealers — how are they set up to deliver to this new culture?
  • How is my organization delivering respect and generosity to our current customers and how can we win over new customers with respect and generosity?
  • How can we bring education about our products our customers in engaging and fun ways through this offering?

Createasphere is now is positioning its efforts to further community building through offering customized event and consulting services.  We will be publishing white papers, info graphics, and hosting webinars to provide you with the tools and information needed to build your community.

To arrange a detailed discussion regarding your organization’s customer community building needs, please email or call me at Kristin@createaspehre.com or (818) 471-4975.


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