Influencer-300x250How to Build Your Community of Influencers

What is an Influencer?   What are the benefits?  Learn how to manage your Influencer group.

Download this free white paper to better understand the role of Influencers in your organization and the power they have to increase your customer base and educate your community. Download Now

Your will learn:
  • The psychology of persuasion
  • What types of companies and organizations benefit from Influencers
  • The role of Influencers in your organization
  • The benefits of having a strong Influencers group
  • How to manage and what to expect from your Influencers
  • The do’s and don’t of engaging Influencers
  • Tips to avoid Influencer “burn out”

Transmedia-300x250Transmedia Primer

Some people prefer to describe transmedia as cross-platform or multi-platform storytelling, interactive or participatory media. It’s actually a bit of all of them. This primer gives you the lowdown on what defines transmedia and the ways you can create a transmedia experience for your audience. Download Now

EightTips-Transmedia-WhitePaper-small8 Tips for Creating Transmedia and Cross Media Content

This white paper explores the importance of intelligently devising new ways to tap into fan culture to engage and strengthen your identity in this dynamic, transitory space we live in. Discover how to use the power of storytelling to create salient, content-rich media to reach a larger audience and strongly position your content as an innovative, interactive multiplatform experience. Download Now

damroadmapDAM Road Map

Globally, media and digital content creators are struggling to keep up with asset management within their enterprises.

Find your route to content management with The Digital Asset Management Road Map. See the key criteria for successful DAM implementations, tips for your journey, and pitfalls to avoid. Be on your way to repurposing and monetizing your digital assets by identifying the DAM trends to watch. Download Now

nabvideoCollaboration from the Initial Pitch

Kristin Petrovich Kennedy, President and Founder of Createasphere, elaborates on the innovative solution of collaboration between producers, lines of business, and operations during the initial pitch phase of projects. She illustrates current industry trends with challenges between transmedia and digital media, and the industry shift to 4K. Watch Now

DAM-System-300x250DAM System White Paper

The DAM system is a powerful, strategic leverage tool that strengthens a company’s competitive edge and allows it to quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs of emerging markets. But how do you make it work for you? Download this exclusive white paper now to gain valuable insight into the world of Digital Asset Management. Download Now

Five Stages to Building Your Customer Community

BuildingYourCommunity-chubbyWhat are the Five Stages in Building Your Customer Community & Why Should You Know and Use Them?

I can address the second question first “the why.” “The why” is always the most important question for any business to address and also the most important for customer building. It gives you the guiding beliefs to follow, which builds the business and serves the customer.

So, “why should you know and use them” – To build your current customer engagement, build the foundation to attract new customers, gain insight into new products and services. which you can provide in the future, and in turn impacts the profit and growth of the company. Read more.