The Litmus Test for Female Entrepreneurs

The Litmus Test for Female Entrepreneurs

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I’ve been a female entrepreneur and small business owner, buying and selling businesses for many years.  Prior to that, I was an employee.  The time I spent as an entrepreneur now outweighs the time I served as an employee.  The period in my career that I was working as an employee offered me tremendous experiences.  I was able to build my first female leadership...

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What Are The Attributes When Hiring Top Talent

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This post reflects my personal thoughts about high performing, top talent.  Also my collective experiences with wins and losses when hiring and firing. With that being said, I have always either been a staff member or CEO/Founder at a small company. The largest company had no more than 50 employees.  So my perspective reflects a small business attitude and a small...

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What is Your NAB Strategy  – Part 2

What is Your NAB Strategy – Part 2

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(Following up on Your Precious 28 Minutes) My time at NAB was well spent.  Was Yours? As I noted in my blog post What is Your NAB Strategy  – Part 1, I determined that on average each exhibitor had 28 minutes with a potential customer in the booth. NAB announced its show figures with a 4% increase on registration totaling 98,015 and final attendance number of...

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The best of the best at my NAB 2014

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Two and a half days, ten scheduled meetings, four parties, countless impromptu meetings and one on camera interview were the numbers of my NAB 2014. Lots to see, but more importantly, many to meet.  Following are my four best of the best of NAB 2014 (not in any particular order): Open Text – The team at Open Text hit a home run demonstrating the eco system of...

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What is your NAB strategy?  — Part 1

What is your NAB strategy? — Part 1

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(Your Precious 28 Minutes) Over 93,602 total registered and 61,351 buyers attended NAB 2013. Thousands and in many cases millions of dollars spent to exhibit and sponsor.  Not to mention the hundreds of hours in the pre-planning and hours on site for your staff. NAB takes over the town…it is certainly, the Mecca gathering for broadcast and media content with...

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Why is building your community foundation so important?

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Calling all you nosey and social butterfly types.  You will flourish during stage one – building your customer community foundation.  This is when you get to know your customer. Or get to know them better, learn about their business, the challenges they currently face and learn what their future looks like.  Fascinating and fun, I say. First off, this is a privilege...

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