Care About Your Customer and Stop All the Silly Antics

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I woke up this morning, with coffee in hand shortly thereafter, thinking about when I started my second business, HD EXPO, in 2001 and what excited me.  What excited me was the customer, the client, the community. I did and do really love the folks that I have the privilege of serving.  I care about their business, the challenges they face and how Createasphere can bring the best for them.  It is a privilege.

Over the years, name change, and so many amazing products we were able to produce and present to better our attendee customers skills in addition to gathering buyers for our sponsors customers.  Thousands internationally  – that really excites me and wakes me up into possibility of exciting new opportunities.  That feeling is what I think is one of the best parts of being an entrepreneur.  Excitement and serving.

I was perusing the morning news as I do every morning – a little bit of business, a little bit of entrepreneurial inspirational, a little entertainment and lots of what is up with technology.  My early morning – predicable!

There it was, a sweet and short, but dead on article from Sandi Krakiwski in Entrepreneur Magazine (online)–3 Ways to Grow Your Business By Focuses on Your Customer.  YES!  It is that simple but oh so often forgotten.  The three ways:

  1. Have a conversation
  2. Hit the stationary Store (one of my best sales staff did this – Suzanne Altman)
  3. Obsess about them

Read the entire article – quick and fast to digest:

It really is this simple.  Make caring about your customer a priority.  It you company has this in its vision(which most do) ask your self what did we do in the last week to bring this to life.  Then take action.

I am very excited about a white paper that I have been writing regarding building your professional community and the easy steps in doing so.  If you are interested in receiving it for free.  Caring about your customer is part of the paper or what I call respect and build trust with step-by-step actions to follow.

I hope that you pick up the phone today and speak with one of your biggest customers.   Learn more about their business, why they works with you and how you can serve them better.  Simple ? Right!


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