What are the five steps in building your customer community and why should you know and use them?

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I can address the second question first “the why.”  “The why” is always the most important question for any business to address and also the most important for customer building.  It gives you the guiding beliefs to follow, which builds the business and serves the customer.

So, “why should you know and use them”  – To build your current customer engagement, build the foundation to attract new customers, gain insight into new products and services. which you can provide in the future, and in turn impacts the profit and growth of the company.

As we all know profit and growth are the pillars of a healthy and future healthy business.  And it is everyone’s job in the business to insure and protect these pillars. Yes, even you!

Now that you know the “why” I can also better address why I wrote this white paper – our first in presenting Createasphere’s new offerings.

As a business owner for over seventeen years and serial entrepreneur, I am intimately  in touch with these pillars.  I have also had the personal experience in being successful and not so successful in using the five steps.  And in a few cases forgot a step here and there.

Also, in the last thirteen years Createasphere has worked with a wide variety of media, tech and entertainment companies.  All sizes and shapes, national and international.  Nothing like working hand in hand with them to witness strong and weak community building in addition to some truly amusing exercises to try to solving growth and profit issues.

In a nutshell, this white paper is written with personal experiences and with a clear step by step overview.  You can down load it as a full document or per step.

Please send me your feedback – Kristin@createasphere.com

Createasphere is the leading builder of professional communities for content creation technology and media companies. We work with organizations at strategic points in their growth to build new audiences, while engaging current fans.

The company was founded in 2001, by Kristin Petrovich Kennedy, who continues to serve as its founder and president.  Kristin, and her team, have created numerous conferences, trade shows, coalitions and professional groups, for the purpose of bringing creative professionals together, as well as connecting them with the services, products and knowledge they need to thrive in their chosen field.



If you have trouble downloading the full report, email us at: updates@createasphere.com.




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