A little Claire Underwood in each of us is a good thing

A little Claire Underwood in each of us is a good thing

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This blog post is for you ladies – and of course you gents can read along even though it might sound a bit foreign to you.  The Venus/ Mars thing again…

Yes, I confess, I am a HOC binger.  That would be  Netflix’s “House of Cards” for you non club members.  I LOVED the first thirteen episodes and now I’m deep into the latest four.  But don’t worry – I have a binge session booked with my husband tonight.  Dinner on trays, comfy sofa and no interruptions.  An exciting night at the Kennedy’s.

Claire Underwood, the wife of Francis Underwood and the new Veep, on HOC seems to bring out my “roar like a woman” spirit.  At least the first four episodes of the second installment have.  I say that as a disclaimer, as I suspect we’ll have a few more plot turns ahead and who knows how Claire will decide to behave.

So far, I love her no nonsense spirit, her loyalty to her husband and their aligned objectives.  She is focused, determined and never seems to stand down when it is truly critical.  Yes, she is manipulative, aggressive, blunt to a fault, etc.  But let’s look at her attributes for now.  I think we gals need a little Claire Underwood in us all from time to time, and especially when building our business customer communities.

My list of why:

Loyalty – Interestingly enough Claire and Francis (her hubby and Veep) have or had (??) an agreed upon “open” relationship – so don’t mistake my noting loyalty to their sexual agreements…  She always stands by her man.  They are a team and they are aligned on their goals and the structure of their relationship.

Be loyal with your community – ALWAYS.  In all of my step by step community building methods, I’ve outlined the importance of being generous and respecting your community.  And loyalty is a must.  Engage them with rich content, give away best practices, and educational pieces.  Build your customer community team.  Always stay loyal to your customers and their experiences with your business and your brand.  Ask yourself how can I act with more loyalty to them?  What would be of value to them and give it to them.

Focused – Claire has this amazing way of focusing in on her goals – razor sharp.  To me Claire’s character represents a focused, striving woman who is not afraid to roll up her shelves and get the job done – not to mention all the while looking fantastic.   She’s always focused on the goals and in alignment with her actions to achieve them.

When you start to strategically build your customer community you must also be focused.  Have a clear message and engage them with value.  None of this engagement with fluff stuff.  Really — no fluff please.  We see that all the time in marketing efforts or giveaways.  Dig in and focus on presenting offerings to your customer community to build their loyalty and engagement with your brand.

Don’t Stand Down –  Claire takes an interesting approach to punishing  a predator from her past as the circumstances take a bold move leaving her with the courage to not stand down (trying to not be a story spoiler)…  It takes a strong woman to face a predator and her past with courage.  She is asked about some past choices and she uses this awkward situation on national TV to redeem herself and punish this predator from the past.  This situation is very complex is so many ways but what resonated with me was her courage to tell the truth (kind of) and not stand down to this past situation.  A bold move.

This example with Claire might be a bit dramatic…But at times we gals need to not stand down.

Staying in the conversation with a client who is complaining, whining, or even truly upset is not standing down.  You’re looking for feedback – even not so great feedback that will ultimately help you become more aware of your client’s and customer’s needs.  You get the point, stay in the conversation no matter how uncomfortable it might feel.

As I said in my previous blog and soon to be released white paper which addressed the six steps to building your customer community paper – these conversations will reap great information that you’ll then need to analyze in order to determine the action or no action taken by your business.  I see so many woman backing down from these hard conversations – that’s not the Claire Underwood in us.  Treat your clients with enough respect to hear them out and determine what action, if any, needs to be taken.  They are your community.

Now after writing all of this I might add to the list or delete a few ideas.  Who knows where the story line goes for the next nine episodes…  Regardless, I can’t wait to watch them and here’s to the strong, focused, loyal woman!


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